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Thursday, May 1 1997

Letters to the Editor

Interest minus, growth plus

[Details] Financial institutions have joined the commercial banks in paring prime-lending interest rates. ICICI, defiant even a week ago, has fallen in line. It has announced two primes. The first, at 15%, is on a par with IDBI; the second, for loans for less than 30 months, is 13.5%.
Centurion Bank


Infrastructure Bond Issue

TIDCO in a learning process!

[Details] No one can fault the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M Karunanidhi, for being in a hurry to industrialise the state and to build the required infrastructure for the purpose. He not only has to live up to his promise of regaining the industrial primacy of Tamil Nadu but also has to make up for the "cut-out" era of his predecessor.

The taming of TMC

[Details] The Tamil Maanila Congress was to bury the hatchet sooner or later and join the United Front Government in promoting which G K Moopanar had as big a role as anyone else. He is not so much a power monger as most others of his ilk but he had reason to be annoyed when some of his allies scotched his chances of becoming prime minister.
From propriety to efficiency

Beyond broadcasting act

All the India who want to know

The Indian Express


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