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Monday, May 12 1997


Deepshikha Sharma

Monday marks the launch of not one or two, but four new daily soaps (Mon-Fri), running back-to-back from 12 noon. The new shows come from big production houses B R Chopra's Aurat, 12.00 pm, Vishwanath Dixit's Aparajita, 12.30, Ekta Kapoor's Itihaas, 1.00 pm and Adhikari Brothers' Waqt ki Raftar, 1.30 pm.

In fact, Itihaas is said to be the most expensive Hindi soap to date with a budget running into Rs 2 crore. It's about the secret past of three women who are now well-respected in society and features Joan David, Sangeeta Handa, Jayati Bhatia, Benjamin Gilani, Priya Tendulkar and Anant Jog.

Big telestars are also the highlight of Adhikari Brothers' latest offering, Waqt Ki Raftar. Based on the Gujarati novel Vansh Varas, this soap is based on a patriotic and illustrious family which owns a newspaper. The serial traces the family's fluctuating fortunes both professional and personal. The serial stars Navin Nishchol, Raza Murad, Kamini Kaushal, Reema Lagoo, Navni Parihaar, Neha Sharad, Shreeram Logoo, Amita Nangia, Harsh Chhaya...(phew, the list is too long).

Aparajita, which is inspired by a literary work of Ramkumar Bhramar, attempts to expose a man's hypocrisy and duplicity in his relationships. And it gives Arun Govil a chance to shed his `Godly' image. In this serial, Govil plays a writer whose lifestyle and values change radically when he achieves success. He even deserts his wife for a younger woman. Besides Govil, Aparajita stars Sripada, Kruttika Desai, Kalpana Aiyar, Himani Shivpuri and Gajendra Chauhan.

Chopra's Aurat, as the name suggests, is based on the woes and travails of today's women. Meanwhile, ZEE launches a new serial from 9 pm today. But Chattan is a weekly for a change, and it revolves around a strong-willed, idealist patriarch. Most interestingly, this serial marks the return of Shammi Kapoor to the small screen.

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