Monday, June 2 1997

Tax abolition on dividends to aid long-term investors

[Details] Double taxation of dividends has been a topic of debate in as much as the "amount in question" was suffering tax in hands of the companies in the first instance. When parts of such profits were distributed to the shareholder as dividends, they were again subject to taxation in the hands of the shareholders.
Centurion Bank



Is merger a workable option for SSIs?

[Details] The rapid course adopted by SSIs to become big is through mergers and acquisitions. The recent case in sight is that of the JVG Group, the leader amongst the latest corporate raiders.

Cleansing the Yamuna makes small business sore

[Details] Businessmen call it the CETP (common effluent treatment plant) conundrum. It is nobody's baby, yet it is everybody's. It calls for joint action by industrial clusters. The problem is: who will bell the cat?
Loopholes seen in dual tax scheme for steel manufacturers

Bank unions to begin wage talks in August

Too many stops make NRIs walk past gold sale counters

MSEB seeks first class voting power for Dabhol stake

Business Aspirations -- Zuki to fight rivals

F.I.R. -- R K Swamy bags SCI account

Investor Forum -- Prolonged delay in issue of unit certifica

Hospital subsidies a boon for patients

Counter guarantees for power units may lower credit rating: MoF

How to raise bank funds below PLR: preference shares show a

Slew of sops to boost private players in shipping

Shedding flab to groom entrepreneurs

China asks US grant permanent MFM status

Banks told not to hike credit to NBFCs

Australian banks too big for takeovers: ANZ

A fund of opportunities still exists for investors

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