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Monday, June 2 1997

Letters to the Editor

Let loose insurance funds

[Details] The demand for enhanced investment freedom to insurance companies was voiced in the context of the R N Malhotra Committee's recommendations for opening up the insurance sector. The committee advocated private entry subject to the Controller of Insurance taking charge.
Centurion Bank



The fight for the carcass

[Details] Anything that has been around for some time hardly inspires surprise. One exception is the Congress party, which has existed for a hundred years and more, changing like any other creation and yet remaining, like god, changeless.

Finance firms should not be rated on fund flow

[Details] Finance companies have monopolised choicest abuses of late. But traditionally, Indian credit rating firms have given them top rating, thanks to a practice which ignores the special funding options available to them.
Take your pick on projections

FE Diary

Time for Chhabria to act

Reliance seems prepared for the capacity war


The Indian Express


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