Monday, June 2 1997

BSE mulls over revival of "badla"

[Details] Lack of liquidity and depth in the stock markets have time and again been related to the missing link of carry forward in the stock market operations. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has stressed for the reintroduction of the old version of badla which would impart liquidity to the system.
Centurion Bank



Above 40% of new issues not traceable on bourses

[Details] Out of the 66 new issues that hit the capital market in the first two months of this year, only 38 companies have so far found a place in the official quotation list. More than 90 days have elapsed since these companies closed their issues.

Auto units hit 52-week low; but are they good buys?

[Details] South Indian auto ancillary stocks, high performers and consequently market favourites till recently, have now plummeted to their 52-week lows.
Funds post huge losses, erosion in NAV

Winding-up procedures against 24 cos

Under Currents -- Low valuations may attract overseas buyers

Too many diversifications, too high a price

Getting sweeter and sweeter

Merchant bankers likely to lose licences

Sensex may sustain the current rally

Swaraj in demand, continues to beat the market

Market Briefing -- Low valuations may attract overseas buyers

Fund Update -- Sun F&C launches Value Fund

Silver declines, gold improves on seasonal buying

Call rates seen in 4-5 per cent range


The Indian Express


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