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Sunday, July 6 1997

Oglivy & Mather to take over Speer


MUMBAI, July 5: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide (OMW) and Speer Communications announced on Friday that they have signed a memorandum of understanding which will lead to the acquisition of Speer by Ogilvy & Mather (O&M). Speer currently operates in Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore.

Speer Communications executive vice-president Sajid Peerbhoy said: "For some time, I have been looking for a partner of international stature and creative compatibility. OMW offers both these. For our clients, this will give them access to global knowledge and resource, while preserving our customer creative edge and reputation".

Hailing the agreement, Ogilvy & Mather Asia-Pacific president Miles Young said: "Speer is a highly creative agency, and we are delighted to be acquiring them. Our intention is to have it operate independently and competitively, and to create a new style of agency which is nimble, responsive and highly creative.

It will be completely focused on client's needs. Our vision is to make Speer into the most creative agency in the country".

Sajid Peerbhoy will remain creative director and will focus 100 per cent of his time on the creative product. As the agency will be separate from Ogilvy & Mather India (OMI), Young will be the chairman.

New talent will join the agency to lead its growth. Anil Sanjivan has been appointed president of Speer. He is currently O&M vice-president, Mumbai, handling around 50 per cent of its billings. Sanjivan said: "I am very excited at this wonderful opportunity to create India's most creative agency.

My role will be to look after the business issues and Sajid's will be to look after the creative. I have enormous respect for Sajid and I believe we will have a powerful partnership".

Ranjan Kapur, managing director, OMI, said: "This move is testimony to India's growing importance as an advertising market. We are very pleased that Speer is joining the OMW fold and we are looking forward to some keen competition from them". "Customers for life" is the central promise of OgilvyOne Worldwide, a reconfiguration of the former Ogilvy & Mather Direct Worldwide launched recently. The new company will offer an enhanced and extended service in the key areas of customer acquisition, retention and profitability, reflecting its mission, "To grow clients' customer equity in value, volume and goodwill" .The core of the company's new proposition is its proprietary customer ownership process, which is being introduced in all OgilvyOne offices following a successful trial period in three European centres.

In development for the past five years, customer ownership applies strategic, creative and implementational expertise to forge lasting, profitable relationships between companies and their customers.

Its emphasis lies in seeking business solutions that develop the company/customer relationship over time, rather than just crude, one-off selling messages or mechanisms. The customer ownership process is supported by a set of proprietary tools covering issues such as market segmentation, economic modelling, and the continuous evaluation of campaigns.

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