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Sunday, July 6 1997

Letters to the Editor

Saga of slow credit offtake continues

[Details] Reserve Bank of India Governor C Rangarajan is a worried man these days. The central bank had taken several steps to boost lending by commercial banks. However, credit offtake has not improved despite the best efforts of the RBI. The situation forced the RBI Governor to call a meeting of the chiefs of major banks and ask them to extend more credit to the industry last week.



Japanese get a taste of India

[Details] It's truly unfortunate, but at a time when the Government is doing its best to woo foreign investment into the country, two Japanese investors are pleading that they be given fair treatment. Both cases may finally get resolved in an amicable fashion, but who knows what damage it will finally do to the country's image as an investment destination.

The silent successor

[Details] Perhaps the first thing Ramesh Chandra Sharma did after occupying the chair of Director, the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI), was remove the Xerox machine from the room.


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