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Sunday, July 20 1997

Zenith to launch new servers

T M Arun Kumar

MUMBAI, July 19: Zenith Computers Ltd, the Mumbai-based manufacturer and distributor of PCs and servers, is launching a new range of servers in the country. Called One UP server, the product is expected to hit the market early next week.

The One Up server is, reportedly, the first Novell `yes' certified Indian server to be launched here. While details on its price are not known, sources say that it would be dubbed as a low-cost, high quality product.

It may be recalled that about six months ago Zenith Computers had launched its range of One Up PCs, which were priced very competitively. The range was advertised as being MNC quality PCs at Indian prices. According to industry analysts, the launch of the servers under the same brand is an extension strategy adopted by Zenith Computers.

Zenith Computers had, late last year, spun off its networking division as a separate 100 per cent held subsidiary called Zenith Infotech Ltd (ZIL).

Apart from networking products, ZIL also took over the systems integration part of Zenith's business. This was done so that Zenith Computers could focus and capitalise on its core PC and server businesses.

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