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Monday, June 15, 1998

Truck freight rates seen stable 

Manju Menon  
Freight rates for vehicles with a payload of nine tonnes from Mumbai to various parts of the country are likely to remain stable in the week ahead, transporters said.

In the last week, the rates from Mumbai to almost all the states fell by around 5 to 8 per cent, except to destinations in West Bengal and Orissa were the freight rates went up by around Rs 1,000. On an average, the rates from the city to the rest of the country fell by an average of 12 per cent during the last two weeks.

"Good cargo movement to West Bengal and Orissa was mainly responsible for jacking up the prices", said the manager of ABR Carriers, Mukesh Sharma.

Towards the north, truck freight charges from Mumbai to Delhi decreased by Rs 400 to Rs 11,600. While the rates to Jammu & Kashmir went down by Rs 1,000, truck rates to Himachal Pradesh registered just a marginal dip.

The rates to Haryana and Punjab fluctuated in a band of Rs 500-1,000. To Haryana, the Mumbai to Rohtak rates witnessed the maximum decrease of 8.1 per cent toRs 11,300.

Truck freight charges to Bihar improved slightly due to a shortage of vehicles. The Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh rates went down marginally.Towards the West, freight rates to all states registered a downtrend. The Mumbai to Ahmedabad rates plummeted by Rs 400 to Rs 3,000 and those to Surat and Kandla went down by Rs 100 (to Rs 2,800) and Rs 400 (to Rs 5,000) respectively.

The rates to almost all the cities in Rajasthan decreased by Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 while to destinations in Maharashtra the fall was in the range of Rs 300-800. The Mumbai to Jaipur rates were Rs 8,000 while the rates to Nagpur stood at Rs 5,000, a decrease of Rs 1,000 over last week.

Towards the eastern region, truck rates to Assam witnessed a fall while freight rates to West Bengal and Orissa rose unexpectedly by Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. The Mumbai to Guwahati rates decreased by 3.7 per cent to Rs 26,000.

The rates to the southern region remained subdued because truck rates from the southern states to Mumbai (i.e., the reverse cycle)was good.

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