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Friday, October 2, 1998

Shaw Wallace beer sales register 50% growth 

NEW DELHI, Oct 1: Shaw Wallace and Company (SWC) has reported a growth of 50 per cent in its beer business while the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) segment has registered a 17 per cent increase in sales for the year-ended June 30, 1998.

Beer sales grew from 8.8 million cases in 1996-97 to 13.2 million cases during the year, while the volume of IMFL segment sales increased from 7.6 million cases to 8.9 million cases.

Individually, all the leading and beer brands of SWC recorded growth in sales ranging from 10 per cent to 137 per cent, a company statement said today.

``Achieving this growth in the face of a host of challenges confronting the company against fierce competition from domestic and transnational spirits major is a fair indication of the intrinsic potential and operational savvy of the company's core business,'' SWC managing director Ravi Jain said.

On the exports front, the company achieved a 20 per cent growth over 1996-97 with sales volume of 0.28 million cases. SWCs brands are rapidlygaining popularity in West Asia, South East Asia, Far East, Japan, North America and Russia apart from traditional export markets of Middle East and neighbouring conuntries, it said.

In the IMFL segment, SWC brands have consolidated their market position across all segments and territories. While Old Adventure Rum grew by 137 per cent, Antiquity Rare Premium Whisky recorded a growth of 50 per cent. Other leading brands which registered impressive growth included Haywards Fine Whisky (56 per cent), Old Tavern Whisky (27 per cent), Golconda Brandy (20 per cent) and Royal Challenge Whisky (18 per cent).

In the premium whisky segment, SWC retained leadership with Antiquity Rare Premium Whisky and Royal Challenge enjoying a market share of 44 per cent and 49 per cent respectively.

SWC beer brands too registered major gains during the year. Haywards 5000 recorded 66 per cent growth, while Royal Challenge grew by 54 per cent. Haywards 2000 clocked a growth of 32 per cent.

The company's beer market sharesincreased from 8 per cent in 1993-94 to 22 per cent in 1997-98. Sales volume moved up from 3.9 million cases to 13.2 million cases over this period.

Other activities of SWC in gelatines, agri-chem and consumer products also recorded significant growth during 1997-98. Calcutta Chemicals, producer of Margo soap and Neem toothpaste, recorded a growth in turnover and profits. Agrichem business, which posted a loss last year, also saw a turnaround contributing Rs three crore to its bottomline during 1997-98.

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