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Friday, November 27, 1998

Oswal Petrochemicals transfers 17 Chembur unit employees 

Manju AB  
Mumbai, Nov 26: Oswal Petrochemicals, a division of Oswal Agro Mills Ltd, has issued transfer orders to about 17 managers-cum-staff members at Chembur in Mumbai. The transferred employees are required to join Oswal's sugar division at Phagwara in Punjab on or before Novmeber 28, 1998.

Earlier, the employees were asked to report for duty on November 20, but since they failed to report for work at the new place on the appointed date the staff members will be given a `final chance' to do so at the sugar factory.

A notice to this effect has been put up at the Chembur plant, where the company manufactured polyethylene, a major petrochemical intermediate.

The notice further adds: "The transferred employees are further informed that since they are relieved they will not be allowed entry in the premises of the Chembur unit. All concerned individuals are issued separate letters to this effect. However, this notice which is displayed on the Notice Board of the company is treated as notice to all the concernedtransferred employees whose names are listed in the notice."

The transfers were effected after the officials closed down the division for maintainence. The petrochemicals unit has about 503 workmen and about 50 staff members.

Company officials both at Mumbai and Delhi were unavailable for comment. According to a section of employees, "The transfers are being effected at such short notice that it is impossible to pack up and rejoin for duty at the sugar division. And besides, how will people who have been working for a petrochemicals division for years work at the sugar division?"

Oswal petrochemicals is part of the Oswal Agro Mills Ltd (OAML). The unit was taken over from Union Carbide for about Rs 58.5 crore in 1989. OAML in turn is rpeorted to have spent another Rs 75 crore for revamping and restarting the plant.

The management had shut down the plant for repairs and maintainance from September this year. Officials at the unit informed that the shut-down is for 45 days. But in October the companyofficials decided to close down the petrochemicals unit.

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