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This way in -- Intel's blue door opens

At Intel, it's a blue door which symbolises the gateway to the ultimate Internet experience. Tagged `This way in', the blue door is the central theme for a $300 million campaign, handled by Euro RSCG worldwide. The campaign kicked off on February 15, two weeks prior to the launch of Pentium III processors.

In the teaser ad for `This way in', Intel promised an unmistakable experience behind the closed blue door. To build up anticipation the TV campaign showed powerful characters like Vikings, Kung Fu fighters and robotic machines failing to open this door. The underlying message was: wait till February 28. Following the launch, the ads showed the door opening and allowed the audience to peep into the exciting world of Internet. For the next four months, the print and the television campaign will now talk about `the power for a better Internet experience' through the Pentium III.

Intel is using a spectrum of channels for its television advertising. In addition to Sony, Star Plus and Zee--which have beentargeted for their large Hindi viewership -- Intel has taken a position on Star Movies too. Also in the circuit: collaborative programming with MTV and Discovery Channel, which have a smaller but more focussed viewership.

In Discovery Channel Intel has finalised sponsorship packages, while at MTV it aims to develop a branded property by supporting a programme `MTV Recycled'. ``It's a good integration of our message of how technology helps in doing things like music recycling -- the ability to mix videos, and make the same old songs look different in the current environment,'' says Kanwaljit Singh, general manager-marketing, Intel Asia Electronics Inc.

The colour print campaign will initially focus on dailies and then include magazines. Initially, the space size will be double spread but gradually Intel will settle for a mix of quarter and half page ads in dailies. Intel is also buying banners in all popular Internet sites like Rediff-on-the-Net and IndiaWorld.

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