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Cranky software expert arrested for anti-Bengali website

Kohinoor Mandal

Calcutta, June 24: Shamit Khemka -- call him either a software professional or a computer technologist. He is young and resides in a posh locality in southern Calcutta. His profession, a member in the family run business, Feros Infotech. His obsession, total hatred against the Bengalis and the Leftist government in the state.

Khemka was so obsessed with his hatred that he went on to create a website abusing the Bengalis and the leaders of the state government, including the chief minister, Jyoti Basu.

Even the address of the website is abusive. It first came to notice in January this year and, obviously, create a lot of raucous in Bengal. Even, Ganashakti, the mouth piece of CPI(M) came out with strong worded criticism against the site.

However, hardly anyone knew about its creator till yesterday. Khemka was arrested by the detective department of Calcutta Police on Wednesday for setting up that abusive website and produced in the court, where he was reprimanded for judicial custody till June28.

Narayan Ghosh, the chief of the detective department said Khemka was arrested for instigating people in the name of religion. However, his department had to become quite a Net expert to nab down Khemka.

Though the website was noticed way back in January, the police officials sprang to action only about a month back, after receiving several complaints about the website. Initially, they contacted the officials of the Calcutta Telephones and VSNL but found that Khemka's website is not hosted on the VSNL server. Instead it was on an American server.

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