Monday, November 6, 2000
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Orbit-e charts out $5 million e-xpansion 

Neeraja Kumar  
New Delhi : International digital strategy consulting and systems integration company, Orbit-e Consulting plans to invest $5 million to expand its operations in India and abroad. Of this amount, the six-month old Net consulting company, will invest $3 million in India by the year 2001. According to Mr Rahul Chawla, president and CEO, Orbit-e Consulting, the company has already invested $1.5 million in its India operations.

The Bangalore-based company also plans to increase its strength from 70 people right now, to 250 people by the end of next year. "We are adding 20 people a month," said Mr Chawla.

The company, which has satellite offices in Delhi and Mumbai, plans to extend its operations to the US and Europe. According Mr Chawla, the company will leverage the global development environment: "Our sales and marketing offices will be located in US and Europe and our vertical intellectual property (VIP) creators will be based in India."

Future plans also include starting a new company called Orbit-e Connect, which will be a part of the Orbit-e group. "The new company, which will be created in the next couple of months, will focus on creating online relationships with all our customers. It will customize content provisioning to endure stickiness," said Mr Chawla.

Orbit-e's investments are being funded by the first round of funding worth $9.25 million, which it received from private equity investors-Warburg Pincus, last month. "This is one of the largest investments made by Warburg Pincus in an IT start-up worldwide," claimed Mr Chawla.

Orbit-e creates Intellectual Property (IP) for its clients. Its VIP creators do exclusive research for its Orbit-e and its clients. "We have in our team people from Gartner, IDC, and the likes. And what we give our clients is our own customised IP and not something, like an IDC reports, which is generic and available to everyone," said Mr Chawla. Apart from this, Orbit-e also does consulting, systems integration (SI) and software development. "The most important of our services is that we have made deal making into an art. We make deals on the behalf of our clients and get paid in percentage of those deals."

Orbit-e focuses on providing services to vertical industries like, financial services, manufacturing, retailing, distribution companies, entertainment and media, healthcare, and transportation and logistics. The company, which was founded in April 2000, is working on seven projects right now.

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