Thursday, February 22, 2001
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Telebrands to expand product portfolio, earmarks Rs 5-crore adspend 

Mona Mehta  
Mumbai : Telebrands, distributors of imported home appliances, sports goods and sunglasses, is expanding its product portfolio to include a range of additional 25 products this year.

The products, which comprise Wrinkle-Free Special Magic cream, Fair Magic cream, Fat Free tablets, Eagle sunglasses, among others, are targeted at the premium end of the market.

Telebrands, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Telebrands International, has been importing products from its parent company since 1995. Telebrands has also embarked on expanding its dealer network. It is setting up additional five dealers each across major cities. The company implemented a dealer network strategy in Mumbai in November 2000 and has a strength of 250 dealers at present.

Says Telebrands sales manager Mr Mahesh Parna: "Telebrands is spending Rs 5 crore out of an annual turnover of Rs 20 crore on advertising of its products through television channels per annum. Hence, the move is aimed at adding and creating brand value for its products and also targeting the mass population."

As regards the marketing strategies, Mr Parna says: "Telebrands has been showcasing information on the product and pricing of products, by telecasting advertisements through various television channels." Adds Mr Parna: "The helpline numbers are being telecast through various channels so that customers interested in buying the products could contact us directly in order to have a look, feel and test the product. This is because the company deals in products which are imported and are not available in the Indian market."

According to Mr Parna: "To add value for the product, the company is running a 15-day money-back policy scheme and a one-year 50 per cent scheme for every customer buying a Telebrand product. Under the 15-day money-back policy scheme, a customer who is unsatisfied with the product mechanism can return the company's product within 15 days of purchase; the company will return the entire amount to the customer paid at the time of purchase."

Adds Mr Parna: "In the one-year 50 per cent scheme, the customer can return the product within one-year if there is something wrong with the product mechanism; the customer gets a new product in exchange for the old product and has to pay 50 per cent of the price."

Apart from this, the company offers its customers one `Static Duster' priced at Rs 575 free along with the purchase of every `Smart Mop' which is priced at Rs 1,152.

Telebrands hopes to begin its e-commerce initiative this year through its website According to Mr Parna: "At present, the Website displays a catalogue information about the company's products. As regards business-to-consumer initiatives, the company believes in spending on instalment basis in order to set up additional interactive sessions within the Website."

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