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Monday, November 10 1997

Letters to the Editor

The proper student of mankind

[Details] Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) lived in ideas. Not as a solitary resident in an autonomous republic of abstractions. His was a crowded, generously ventilated apartment in downtown History. He listened to ancient voices. He looked out for the hidden passages of the Zeitgeist. It was a permanent obsession with the grammar of liberty. Liberty for Berlin was not an impersonal, singular concept.

Patel Roadways Ltd.

Dilip Chhabria Design

Ceat Financial Services Ltd.

Merchandising a murder

[Details] In the winter of 1983 when I was still relatively new to the ways of New Delhi and India Today and searching for the big story in a complex new world, I spent a fortuitous evening with the late Urmila Phadnis, then a JNU professor and Sri Lanka expert. She had just returned from Madras after talking to several Sri Lankan Tamil underground leaders.

Ground-level progress

[Details] Despite C.M. Ibrahim, the government has taken the first step towards a liberalised aviation policy. Opening up the airport development market to all bodies will make for significantly increased capacities and safety levels, along with a significant decrement in the Aviation Minister's capacity to do further damage. All this, apart from the enormous employment potential that is always generated at ground facilities. However, this is just the beginning.
The proper student of mankind

Merchandising a murder

Diana in Heaven

Ground-level progress

No winner this Win

Shaw Wallace

The Financial Express


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