Monday, November 10 1997

Stung Clinton weighing options to tame Saddam

[Details] President Bill Clinton met with his top aides on Saturday over how to force Iraq into complying with UN arms inspections as Washington prepared to resume spy flights that Baghdad vowed to shoot down. A three-member UN delegation was en route to New York from Iraq after talks there failed to resolve a crisis over Baghdad's refusal to let Americans participate in UN inspection teams charged with dismantling Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Patel Roadways Ltd.

Dilip Chhabria Design

Ceat Financial Services Ltd.

Russia, China ready to bury border row

[Details] Russia and China will bury the last vestiges of the border dispute, sign a mega nuclear power deal and discuss ways to revive the stalled trade ties during the visit of Russian President Boris Yeltsin which began yesterday. Yeltsin's whistle-stop state visit, which includes a summit with President Jiang Zemin, will aim at cementing a "strategic cooperative partnership" between both nations and boosting bilateral trade ties, which have so far failed to keep pace with improving ties.

Lanka may vote on Govt's peace plan

[Details] Sri Lanka may hold a referendum on a controversial ethnic peace plan amid an outright rejection from Tamil Tiger rebels and mounting political opposition. President Chandrika Kumaratunga is already on record that the government would stage a "Constitutional revolution" if the main opposition United National Party (UNP) blocked her government's draft new Constitution, including the devolution package, in Parliament.
Quicktakes -- China, Russia to end border row

CJ cautions against inaccurate court reporting by media

Impure water makes 150 ill near Surat

Daughter-in-law sold to raise bank loan

After months in darkness, she hides from light & people

Daily despatches -- Assaults on govt staff on the rise during Sena-BJP rule

Industry ignores Cultural Fund

Airmen fight against bias in risk benefits

Joshi firm against sugarcane zoning

A rupee a day keeps exploitation out of their way

Stung Clinton weighing options to tame Saddam

CBI director to appear before court in LOC case

Hong Kong observes Remembrance service

Paedophiles' hand feared in Kerala kids' disappearance

Books, paintings missing from J&K Academy

Lanka may vote on Govt's peace plan

Russia, China ready to bury border row

Long distance calls may be cheaper if TRAI has its way

Queen leads royal tribute to world war dead in Britain

Quick Bites -- Gold sales dip in SE Asia

Taking flight with broken wings The autonomy given to banks

5 killed in accident near Dahanu

Mumbai Beat -- A-I pilots ready for wage cut

MPDA, a new weapon for post-TADA cops

Pollution skyrockets in Thane

Man robbed at Rambaug

Builders forced to pay with their flats

New schedule

Correa's designs on Mumbai

HC rules no delay in poll pleas

Cure for systemic `ills' assured

Forging trust with tenants

Mumbai Notes -- Inquiry

Man vs matador is bull, as Harnya & Manya slug it out

Shaw Wallace

The Financial Express


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