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29 December, 1997

Malayattoor foresaw his death? 

Malayattoor Ramakrishnan seemed to have had an uncanny intuition about his death, if his friends are to be believed.The writer's bacchanalian spirit was well known. Some of his friends obviously felt that for a man of his age he was drinking a bit too much.``We told him straight to his face two days before that he was drinking too much,'' said a young man of Sasthri Nagar, who belonged to Malayattoor's ever widening friends circle. ``He told us with a laugh that time was up and that he would not cross February. He asked us to leave him alone to enjoy what time was left.''

Several of his other friends were also talking in whispers about Malayattoor's prediction. ``It was as if he knew the end was coming,''a neighbour said. In a rather uncanny coincidence, Malayattoor's famous screen character in Iyer the Great played by Mammootty also predicts his death in the film with a randomly drawn sketch of a setting sun.

Malayattoor was in fact working on a novel titled, ironically, Sirassil Varachathu which, loosely translated meant The Design of Fate.

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