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30 December, 1997
  Try, try and try again
  Shopper's stop: Bookstores on the Net now
Where is the best place to go shopping for books these days? On the Internet, of course. The Internet gives small booksellers an opportunity to reach out to a large number of potential buyers. Hoping to make the best use of this potential, Browser recently opened in Chandigarh's Sector 35.

Roving Eye
This Christmas Eve was quieter than most and a lot of the city's jet-setters opted for small private parties. Perhaps at the end of a slow year, people do not want to throw cash away on partying. But among the more notable parties was a huge bash in Marve, thrown by Rajesh Shah, son of diamond merchant Bharat Shah. It was jam packed. Spotted among the crowd was Sharad Kapoor, Viren`Roopam' Shah and Jas Arora with his girlfriend-fiancee, Bonnie (Queenie Singh's sister).
Face Off with a Society Stalker
Just a year old but already at the end of its life. As 1997 comes to an uneventful end tomorrow, so does the life of many so-called celebs, missed-out events and sordid sagas. So, what was the high point of the year? According to this stalker -- a well-known name and face in Mumbai's social circuit -- not a thing. "The year was too full of lows," says the Secret Surveyor.


Dilip Chhabria Design

Ceat Financial Services Ltd.


Two persons held for stealing MiG aircraft spare parts
Two persons, including a teenager named Kiran Madhukar Ahire, were arrested on Saturday, in connection with the theft of 44 kilos of spare parts of the MiG series of combat aircraft from the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) complex at Ozar. Both the accused were arrested. The incident shows that even the high-security HAL complex is vulnerable to petty thievery.
City group set to scale Mount Everest
A clerk in the sales tax department is set to lead the first civilian expedition "Tata Everest India '98' to unfurl the tri-colour on the world's highest peak Mount Everest in the spring of 1998. The Akhil Maharashtra Giryarohan Sangh, which will spearhead the expedition sponsored by Tata Sons, announced the 12-member core group yesterday.


  City group set to scale Mount Everest
  Face Off with a Society Stalker
  Try, try and try again
  Roving Eye
  Two persons held for stealing MiG aircraft spare parts

Shaw Wallace