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Vivekini's natural tribute to R-Day


February 1: Vivekini, the cultural wing of the 35-year-old Vivekanand Education Soceity paid tribute to the 50th Republic Day by dancing to nature's tune. In a ballet Prakrit Narlan, choreographed by Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao, flautist and choreographer and composer, about 200 students between four and 21 depicted the five elements: Prithvi (earth), Aapaha (water), Tejas (sight), Vaayu (air) and Aakash (sky) shape. ``From performing on stage to handling the behind the stage requirements, sound and lighting, it was a students' effort'' said Sunil Shrivastav, a member of Vivekini, which has been promoting culture for the past six years.

In a 35 minute skit as part of the programme's first half, young students dressed as former Presidents delivered short speeches, interspersed by dances from all states. The chief guest of the function was Nana Deshmukh.

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