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LS secretariat refuses to rectify Muthiah's error


CHENNAI, April 30: The Lok Sabha secretariat has rejected the request of AIADMK parliamentary party leader Sedapatti R Muthiah to rectify the `error' in the recording of his vote in the Lok Sabha trust motion on April 17.

In a letter to Muthiah, copies of which he released to the media here today, LS Secretary General S Gopalan noted that the Speaker had permitted Muthiah to raise the matter in the House on April 22 through a personal explanation.

``You have already raised the matter in the House accordingly and explained your position which forms a part of the record,'' the letter said. It also quoted a paragraph from the report of an inquiry conducted by the CPWD into the discrepancy between the recording of the vote as `n' (for `no') in the voting display board and the `no vote' (that is, he had not voted at all) recorded in the computer print-out.

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