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Top Drawer

Sujata Assomull

He may have been in the business for 20 years but Jeet Surendranath has not lost his touch. Some of his most recent work includes the MRF tyres ad with Sachin Tendulkar, the Orient Twister fan film with Namrata Barua and the Lisa Shoes ad with Raageshwari. The director of Far Video Films seems to have a midas touch that he insists is nurtured by his environment. Jeet loves his ground floor office, located at Tardeo, and has been here for over 10 years. A special favourite is his cabin, in the far corner of a 1,000 sqft of work space. "I do most of my paperwork here. All my creative work tends to be done out in the patio just outside the office." Though it must be said that the interiors too scream of creativity. His walls are full of posters -- one of his father, a couple of Elvis Presley posters and another of Charlie Chaplin. "I love having the feeling of the Presley presence. Nothing has to die as long as you keep it alive." And in tribute to that thought is a poster of the Beatles, on the floor, whichJeet soon intends to hang up. Right next to some paintings by Subodh Poddar, Ulka's creative director.

In the far corner of the room is a fridge and microwave. "The microwave has a dual purpose. Some times we use it to heat our meals -- in film-making since there are no regular timings, we often eat in the office. Particularly when we spend the night editing. Otherwise, we use the microwave in shoots."

Under his desk is a box full of raw stock. "It's kept here as this room is really well air-conditioned." And above Jeet's desk are cupboards full of books. "There must be a thousand books up there, mostly used for reference." His desk drawers are full of his company's paperwork, stationery, floppies and books on colour references. Strangely enough, his top two drawers are virtually empty with just a few odds and ends. "Actually I need to spend a Saturday just tidying up. The top drawers belonged to my right-hand man, Bhushan, who has just quit." Till he does that, Jeet uses the top of his desk as a drawer,stacking stuff next to his parent's photograph and a picture of the Goddess Lakshmi.

--Sujata Assomull

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