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AMC-run hospitals to guide mothers-to-be


AHMEDABAD, Oct 20: Expectant mothers will soon be able to consult municipal-run hospitals for guidance regarding various exercises, correct posture, balanced diet etc thanks to the ongoing training programme for nurses and doctors on `Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Care' being jointly organised by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), Johnson and Johnson and Medico Media, a local institution.

Meena Shah, one of the trainers at the workshop, said the objective of the programme was to ensure easier pregnancy and comfortable delivery. The training has been organised in four batches. Training of the last batch commenced from Wednesday at Nagri Hospital. By the end of the training programme, 43 doctors and 110 nurses will be trained.

Those who have received training will be able to create awareness at the grassroot level. Shah feels it is this segment of society where infant mortality rates and pregnancy deaths were comparatively higher.

A participant nurse from Dani Limda municipal hospital, Elizabeth Macwan felt that with effective use of simple exercises, nutrition, breathing and relaxation proceses, use of medicines during pregnancy could be reduced to a great extent. Nirmala Trivedi of Vatva municipal hospital is of the opinion that training one expectant mother would benefit other family members too.

Meeting convened: Trustees of Diwan Ballubhai School, Kankaria, have convened a meeting of teachers, guardians and students on Thursday morning at the school premises. They have urged students of the secondary and higher secondary classes to resume their studies. Any person having any complaint against an individual can present his complaint with supporting proof to the trustees, they said.

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