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Monday, April 17, 2000

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Sedapatti blames Sasikala of hijacking party

CHENNAI, APRIL 16: Expelled AIADMK leader Sedapatti R Muthaiah on Saturday turned his ire on party general secretary J Jayalalitha and her close friend Sasikala Natarajan. Sedapatti charged that Sasikala and her clan have decided to hijack the party.

Muthaiah in a statement, accused the `Mannargudi Mafia' (Sasikala clan) of having a hold over Jayalalitha. "It only shows that Jayalalitha is not in her senses. She is almost mad."

He also alleged that Jayalalitha, under the Mannargudi spell, has decided to bury the ambitious organisation found by MGR and fostered by cadres.

Noting that he has been expelled for anti-party activities, he claimed that he had never wavered in the party principles ever since he entered politics during the Hindi agitation. "The entire country knows how devoted Jayalalitha and her Mannargudi Mafia are to the party principles."

He said there was no provision in the party constitution to remove elected office-bearers.

Seeking to clarify on the charges levelled against him, Muthaiah said he had never received any money for the mix-up in voting when the Vajpayee Government moved confidence motion. "Even the present Chief Minister of whom I had been so critical, had only charged me of corruption to the tune of Rs 45 lakh. But the leader I had celebrated throughout my life has charged me of receiving Rs 5 crore from the BJP," he lamented.

He reiterated that it was not his mistake that his vote went unregistered during the confidence motion.

Stating that Jayalalitha has never hesitated to heap false charges on others, Muthaiah recalled her accusation as the Chief Minister against the then Governor Chenna Reddy, of molestation.

He also denied the charge that he had worked against T T V Dinakaran during the elections in Periyakulam constituency. Muthaiah claimed that he had asked Dinakaran to take a pledge as is required during the nomination. He said: "If I had not done so, Dinakaran would have been in trouble." He said it was Jayalalitha who had rigged the organisational polls and not the expelled leaders.

He also challenged Jayalalitha to come out with names of the persons appointed by him to party posts during organisational polls.

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