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Naseeruddin Shah brother in AMU V-C long list

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Posted online:2012-04-13 03:10:12+05:30
Updated:2012-04-13 10:44:15+05:30

New DelhiThe next Vice-Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University will not be an academic, after the University’s Executive Council on Thursday came up with a longlist of five public servants to the top post.

Two retired IPS officers, one retired IAS officer, a serving officer of the Indian Revenue Service and a retired Deputy Chief of Army Staff were picked by the Council at a meeting in Delhi. The University Court will meet on April 15 to pick three names out of the five, and forward them to the President of India. The President, who is also the Visitor of the University, will pick one from them.

The University has had only two full-time academics as Vice-Chancellors since 1978, when economist A M Khusro’s term expired.

Syed Muhammad Ashraf, who is currently a Commissioner of Income Tax in Delhi; Noor Mohammad, who retired as the Secretary of the National Disaster Management Authority; Lt. General Zameeruddin Shah, who retired as the Deputy Chief of the Army and is currently serving at the Armed Forces Tribunal in Delhi; A A Siddiqui, who retired as Punjab’s DGP; and Syed Khalid Rizvi, who retired as the additional DGP of Uttar Pradesh, were recommended by AMU’s Council.

Sources said Ashraf, Noor Mohammad and Lt. Gen. Shah received 12 votes each. Siddiqui is reported to have received nine and Rizvi eight votes. Each of the 19 Council members present were allowed to cast five votes.

Zameeruddin Shah is the elder brother of actor Naseeruddin Shah, who is an alumnus of the AMU. The Lieutenant General’s name was short-listed for the V-C’s post in 2007 too.

Ashraf and Noor Mohammad are the only AMU alumni in the list. Ashraf, who was a gold medallist in his BA and MA exams from AMU, is also a Sahitya Akademi Award winner. Mohammad was the officiating V-C of the University for a short period earlier this year, before legal troubles forced him to step down.

Though it has had eminent people like Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari as its V-C, AMU has had only two full-time academics as V-Cs since 1978: Mohd Naseem Farooqui (1990-1994) and P K Abdul Azis (2007-2012). Since 1980, there have been four V-Cs who were IAS officers. Even Ansari was an IFS officer.

AMU has never had V-Cs who were officers of the IPS, IRS or Armed Forces.

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Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah would make an EXCELLENT VC. 2012-04-25 09:56:46.077701+05:30

Mr. Kamran Ahmed Khan, we all were just sitting and talking about the same topic. We are not surprised by your shallow views. Anyhow, we respect your opinion. however, it is very clear to one and all that the CHARISMATIC GENERAL is the only person who is the need of the hour.N Mohd, is good - but not suitable to go as the VC, and to beat it all he is not a patch on General Shah. With all due respect to N Mohd.

Regarding upcoming V.C of AMU. 2012-04-24 11:15:55.668321+05:30

Mr. Noor Mohammad is the best person and adminstrator among these three names.

Lt. Gen Zameer Uddin Shah should be VC. 2012-04-13 11:33:07.472299+05:30

Isn't it obvious that anyone with wisdom would vouch for Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah. The university needs his service this time. I believe he is the first and the only muslim General in the Indian Army to become the Deputy Chief of The Army Staff - I think it is remarkable. He almost became VC in 2007, with the highest, and a record breaking number of votes, wherein for the first time such a consensus was formed with General Sahab as the nucleous of the consensus. I believe the General was a real hero, when it came to helping out during the famous HAJ fire in 1997...He undoubtly should be the FIRST AND THE ONLY CHOICE for consideration of VC - AMU.

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