Wednesday, June 4 1997

Indian Navy's own torpedo `Shyena' ready for trials

Vishwanath Hiremathpune

MUMBAI, June 3: The Indian Navy is all set to reinforce its fire power with the Naval Scientific and Technological Laboratory, a premier Defence Research and Development Organisation wing, successfully developing for the first time an advanced experimental torpedo `Shyena.'Developed under Project Shyena, one among the six fast track naval projects being undertaken by the Vishakhapatnam-based NSTL, the highly advanced state of the art processor-based torpedo credits the country to become the fifth in the world to develop such a weapon.

NSTL embarked on the project in 1990 and is all set to conduct the final trials by 1998 before induction into the naval force.Having designed, developed and evaluated all the sub-systems, NSTL has successfully conducted 24 technical trials so far to establish the structural integrity of the torpedo which can be launched either from the ship or in the air. The weapon incorporating solid state electronics, digital technology has also been equipped with integrated sensor package for homing. The Rs 24 crore project has been named after the bird Shyena which is known for its swift dive into waters to catch its prey.NSTL had faced an uphill task of developing a torpedo which could sustain its efficiency, in particular the manoeuverebility and structural integrity while travelling from the air medium to water after being launched. During trials, thrust was laid on monitoring of various factors through four computers fitted on board Shyena.

The respective computers performed the specific tasks of a successful launch of the torpedo, the homing of the target and its control and finally the recording of the data for analysis. The torpedo after its user trials later this year is slated to be manufactured by the Bharat Dynamics Limited.

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