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Saturday, March 4, 2000

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Marathi actress Ranjana dies

MARCH 3: Noted Marathi actress Ranjana Deshmukh, whose career came to an abrupt end in 1987 in an accident, died on Friday of diabetes at Raheja Hospital. She was 45 and is survived by her actress mother Vatsala Deshmukh and aunt Sandhya.

Like Sandhya, she was introduced to the big screen by V Shantaram in Chandanachi Choli Ang Aang, directed by Kiran Shantaram in 1975. She then starred in the lead role in Shantaram's next film, Jhunj. Ranjana won the best actress award in 1980 from the state government for Are Sansar Sansar. She bagged the award again for Gup Chup Gup Chup in 1983. Her other key films include Sushila, Gondhalat Gondhal, Mumbaicha Fojdar, Jhakmi Vaghin, Bhujang and Ek Daav Bhutacha.

Ranjana's legs were paralysed in an accident while she was on her way to a film shoot to Bangalore. She later starred in a play Fakta Ekdach, as a wheelchair-bound woman who is deserted by her lover.

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