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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

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Actress Priya Rajvanshi found dead in bathtub

MUMBAI, MARCH 28: Yesteryear star Priya Rajvanshi, heroine of Chetan Anand's 1964 film Haqeeqat, was found dead in her bathtub at her Irish Park residence at Juhu on Monday evening. The body was sent to Cooper Hospital and a panchnama was conducted late Monday night.

According to Chetan Anand's brother Vijay, Rajvanshi was to attend a dinner party at the residence of the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. When she failed to turn up in time, the hosts called up her residence, but got no reply. Rajvanshi's maid, who had stepped out of the house, returned to find her lying dead in the bathtub. Chetan Anand's son rushed to the flat, and the police were informed as well.

Police sources said Rajvanshi had gold ornaments worth around Rs 3 lakh on her person. Investigators have ruled out robbery as a motive, sources added.

``By the time I was informed, it was about 11.30 pm, by which time Priya had been declared dead. Her brother Gullu, who's in London, will have to come here and claim the body since she has no other relatives in Mumbai,'' said Anand. The funeral might take place on Wednesday. Her other brother is settled in the USA.

Priya Rajvanshi's real name is Veera Sunder Singh. After graduating in Simla, she went to study acting in the London School of Drama. Her father was in the foreign service.

Recalls Ananad, ``Priya had sent in her application with her photographs to my brother. Since he was looking for a new heroine, he gave her a chance in Haqeeqat. She was very shy and did not want to meet other producers for roles.'' Rajvansh's last film was Haton Ki Lakir. She also acted in Chetan Anand films like Heer Ranjha, Hindustan Ki Kasam and Saheb Bahadur opposite Dev Anand and Haste Zakham opposite Navin Nishcol and Kudrat.


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