\'Armour of Shiv Sainiks\' keeping Bal Thackeray from death\'s door: Diwakar Raote

Agencies Posted: Nov 16, 2012 at 1917 hrs
Mumbai Thanking Shiv Sainiks for their prayers for Bal Thackeray\'s good health, senior party leader Diwakar Raote today said until the armour of Shiv Sainiks is with Bal Thackeray, nothing would happen to him.

"Till the time Shiv Sainiks\' impregnable armour is with Balasaheb, nothing will happen to him," Raote told reporters outside Matoshree.

Thanking Sena workers for their well wishes he said that their prayers have been making a positive difference to his health. Around two hundred Sena workers have been shouting slogans for Bal Thackeray\'s good health since three days.

Maharashtra BJP in-charge Venkaiah Naidu who also visited the Sena chief\'s residence said Thackeray\'s health is improving.

"We pray that he recovers at the earliest. I was told by Uddhav Thackeray that Balasaheb\'s health is better than yesterday. We pray that he should recover early and continue to guide us. Thackeray has been a fighter throughout his life," Naidu told reporters.

"We conveyed our leadership\'s concern about the Sena chief\'s health to Uddhav. We are praying to god for his normalcy," he added.

Bollywood actress Hema Malini who visited Matoshree along with BJP leader Shaina NC said Thackeray\'s health is better than yesterday.