Sunny Leone in a workshop for \'Ragini MMS 2\'

Agencies Posted: Nov 19, 2012 at 1620 hrs
Mumbai \'Ragini MMS\' may have been one of those small unassuming ventures by Ekta Kapoor when she released it last year. However the surprise success of the film has made her all the more ambitious about nurturing it further as a franchise. Though roping in of Sunny Leone has already made the film big enough on paper, now she also wants the adult star\'s \'performance\' to do the talking.

"Ragini MMS as a brand has two core constituents for it - sex and horror. For the former, there is Sunny on board and for the latter there is Bhushan Patel as a director who recently made a successful debut with \'1920 - Evil Returns\' which is a hit. While this combination coupled with Ekta\'s marketing prowess would have been good enough to make the film hot much before its release, she wants more. She has allocated good budget for the pre-production as well", says a source connected to the film.

As of now as a bare minimum there is a 15 day workshop being planned with Sunny. Also, indications are that there would be some pre-release publicity created around the film\'s launch as well.

"Though no one can challenge Sunny\'s sex appeal, from the performance perspective too she had managed to hit decent notes with \'Jism 2\'. That was a pleasant surprise in itself. However Ekta as well as Bhushan feel that Ragini MMS 2 would require Sunny to go many notches here. They want the film to be more than just a sex driven affair", the source continues.

Thankfully for the makers, Sunny has agreed to an early visit as well. While the film\'s shooting would begin in Mumbai around January 15 next year, Sunny would be in town at least 10 days in advance for the workshop. That would involve participation from Sunny as well as her co-actor, the auditions for whom are currently on.

When contacted, Bhushan confirmed the details.

However given the core genre of the film, one wonders whether Sunny would indeed need a \'workshop\' to get her on-camera \'act\' right!