Naveen Jindalís helicopter makes emergency landing

Harpreet Bajwa Posted: Nov 20, 2012 at 0430 hrs
Chandigarh Member of Parliament and industrialist Naveen Jindal and two others had a narrow escape on Monday evening when the six-seater helicopter they were travelling in had to go in for an emergency landing at the Chandigarh Airport.

Jindal was on his way from Kurukshetra to Chandigarh. It is learnt that one of two engines of the chopper stopped functioning and the pilots had no option but to land immediately. Due to the emergency situation at the airport, a commercial flight was cancelled and a few others diverted.

The chopper landed at the centre of the runway at around 5:30 pm but could not be taxied out from there. The situation entailed for a change of copter wheels. But since the Punjab hanger did not have a similar chopper, an SOS was sent to the Pinjore Flying Club from where the wheels were brought to the airport. Finally it was wheeled out from the runway at around 7:35 pm.

Till late in the evening, the Air Force officials were inspecting the runway for any damage. A DGCA team is likely to visit the airport on Tuesday.