Ponty Chadha case: Autopsy shows Hardeep shot in back

Pritha Chatterjee,Prawesh Lama Posted: Nov 23, 2012 at 0411 hrs
New Delhi One of the bullets hit Hardeep Chadha in the back, the post-mortem report available with the police has revealed. The finding casts a shadow over the claim that Hardeep was shot at “in self-defence”, forcing police to probe if he was murdered.

Former chairman of Uttarakhand Minorities Commission Sukhdev Singh Namdhari, on whose statement the FIR was filed, had claimed that Hardeep had opened fired at his brother’s Gurdeep Singh Chadha alias Ponty’s entourage when they arrived at the Chhattarpur farmhouse in South Delhi on November 17.

The complaint said Namdhari’s PSO Sachin Tyagi fired in self-defence.

Police were given the post mortem report on Wednesday afternoon. Investigating officials said it was too early to dismiss or confirm if Hardeep’s killing was not an act of self defence.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) and Joint Commissioner of Police (Southwest) were not not available for comment.

According to the post-mortem report, one of the bullets hit Hardeep in the left lateral back, pierced his left lung and exited from the right side of the chest. The bullet then pierced the inner side of Hardeep’s right arm and exited.

The report said this bullet had a “ double entry” — first in to left back, and second in to right arm.

“There is a possibility that this bullet was the second bullet (that hit Hardeep). We have reconstructed the scene with the help of the doctors. It is possible that Hardeep fell down after receiving the first shot and turned around due to the impact (leaving his back exposed to gunshots). He might have received the second shot on his back, “a police officer in charge of the case said.

In most cases, the entry wound of a gunshot is smaller than the exit wound. But police were initially told that in Hardeep’s case the entry wound was larger. Police said after doctors traced the path of the bullet through Hardeep’s lung, they realised that he was shot in the back.

The other bullet that hit Hardeep in the front of his body. “The bullet entered through the left side of his chest and and exited from the back. As of now, we do not know which bullet hit him first. We are examining it,” a senior police officer said.

Police are now awaiting the ballistic report in the case.