Meera gives piece of advice to aspiring models

Agencies Posted: Nov 29, 2012 at 1138 hrs
Karachi Meera, who is not new to the world of fashion and style, is said to have given some handy advice to aspiring models on the fifth episode of “Veet Miss Super Model Contest 2012.”

Meera modelling tips

The troubled Pakistani actress, also known as Irtiza Rubab, is said to be giving some guidance on how to make big in the fashion world.

Meera asserted that for a video shoot, one should try to understand the director and camera-man’s needs, the Express Tribune reported.

She also said that one should work-out, and give oneself a daily dose of self-admiration and praise every morning, by telling “I am the best and nobody is as pretty as I am, which will boost ones self-confidence.”