Asaram Bapu deposes before panel probing death of 2 kids

Agencies Posted: Dec 02, 2012 at 1204 hrs
Ahmedabad Spiritual leader Asaram Bapu today deposed before the Commission probing the death of two children studying in his Gurukul in 2008, and maintained that the allegation that the kids died because of \"black magic\" performed upon them were false.

Deposing before Justice D K Trivedi, Asaram said \"This is a planned conspiracy against the Ashram and Hindu religion. It seems \"foreign powers\" are behind this conspiracy.\"

Asaram was summoned by the commission many times in the past but had failed to appear. Responding to allegations that the two boys, Dipesh Vaghela and Abhishek Vaghela, died because of black magic performed upon them, Asaram said \"The laboratory reports have confirmed that no black magic was performed on the children.

The allegations against me and my Ashram are false and baseless. It is just a figment of imagination and no black magic is performed at my Ashram.\"

Asaram, however, told the Commission that he did not rule out a conspiracy behind the death of the two children.

\"The death of two children is an unfortunate incident. On July 18, I had a meeting at the Ashram when an Ashram inmate Pankaj Saxena told me that a person had come and tried to abduct the two children,\" Asaram told the Commission during a gruelling nine-hour questioning.

When asked about the name of the person who had tried to abduct the two kids, Asaram told the Commission that he did not want to defame the person by naming him. When persisted further, he said the name of the person was Gosai.

Justice D K Trivedi Commission was set up in 2008 to probe the mysterious death of two children, who were found dead on the Sabarmati riverbed on July 5, 2008 after going missing on July 3. The two boys were studying in Ashram\'s Gurukul and their death had caused considerable uproar.

On November 21, the Gujarat High Court had rejected Asaram\'s petition challenging the order of the commission to appear before it as a witness today. The Commission had questioned Asaram\'s son, Narayan Sai, on November 9.