Kazmi to fight for ‘innocent’ youth held on terror charges

Express news service Posted: Dec 22, 2012 at 0123 hrs
Mumbai Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi, the journalist held for his alleged role in the attack on an Israeli diplomat in Delhi, said Friday he will fight for the release of innocent men held on fabricated terror charges.

Together with his lawyer Mahmood Paracha, Kazmi will launch a forum to provide free legal assistance to such men. “It is important they receive the best legal aid available. In several cases, lawyers are under pressure from the bar council to not represent certain suspects. Most importantly, we will give them the moral support they require when the support of their family and friends is withdrawn,” said Paracha.

Given bail by the Supreme Court in October, Kazmi claimed he had been arrested because he was a “soft target” and “his career graph suited the Delhi Police”.

“I have worked for IRNA (Iranian news agency) since 1983, as well as Iran’s broadcast network (IRIB) and Tehran Air. Also, I live only 2-3 km from the Special Cell of the Delhi Police. They found that I suited their needs perfectly,” Kazmi said. According to him, vested interests who wanted to spoil India’s relations with Iran were behind his arrest.