Miley Cyrus tweets picture of herself with sex doll in car

PTI Posted: Dec 24, 2012 at 1607 hrs
London Miley Cyrus has taken her bad girl image a notch higher by posting a photo of herself with a sex doll, which she claimed was a Christmas gift.

The singer-actress posed with the humorous gift in the passenger seat of her car, tweeting, \"Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift.\"

The doll pic comes days after Cyrus celebrated her 20th birthday with a lap dance from a stripper. Cyrus was seen grabbing hold of the stripper\'s bottom in a photo from her birthday celebrations, reported Daily Mail.

The former \'Hannah Montana\' star is changing her look into more punky and grown up by the day.

Saturday she was spotted stopping off for coffee with fiance Liam Hemsworth and looked every inch the young rock chick, dressed in loose animal print jeans and a snug black jumper, with her shaved and quiffed platinum hair.

She also appeared to have scribbles on her fingers and her studded earlobes were also plainly noticeable.