Cheryl Cole releases new video with boyfriend

PTI Posted: Dec 27, 2012 at 0959 hrs
London Singer Cheryl Cole has unveiled her her new video that features her cuddling up and dancing with boyfriend Tre Holloway.

The video shot by famous photographer John Rankin Waddell, sees Cole test out her rapping skills, as she belts out lyrics like \"We\'re a match made in Heaven, this kind of love\'s forever.\"

Holloway and Cole are seen performing some risque dance moves as the Girls Aloud member sings her new track \'Ghetto Baby\', Daily Mail reported.

The most daring dance move comes when Holloway lays on the floor, using his arms and legs to support himself off the ground, before Cole manoeuvres her body into the same position and the pair attempt some hip grinding.

Cole dons a variety of outfits in the video, including a plunging leotard and low-slung trousers, a revealing white dress and a bra top and white net skirt.

Prior to making the video public at midnight on Christmas Eve, Cole tweeted, \"I love working with @rankinphoto so much that I did this exclusively for him, here it is for you #MerryChristmas.\"

The track, which is written by Lana Del Rey features on Cole\'s most recent album \'A Million Lights\'.