Govt plans name-and-shame database of rape convicts

Express news service Posted: Dec 28, 2012 at 0052 hrs
New Delhi The government is planning to create a “database” of people convicted of sexual crimes in Delhi, and make it available to the public through the Internet and other means.

“This was one of the suggestions that came up during our discussions with protesters. We are thinking of creating a database of names, addresses and photographs of people who have been involved in rapes and other sexual crimes. It should be ready soon,” Minister of State for Home R P N Singh said.

The National Crime Records Bureau has been asked to compile the database, which will be shared with all relevant agencies. Besides alerting women, the idea is to shame the convicts and prevent them from getting employment in places where they have to interact with women or children.

Singh said the home ministry was also considering whether habitual sexual offenders can be included in the list even if they have not been convicted. All the state governments will be asked to create similar databases so that a comprehensive list is available in the public domain.