Britney Spears friends worried about Vegas residency

PTI Posted: Jan 18, 2013 at 0931 hrs
London Pop star Britney Spears\' friends are worried she is not in a state to perform a residency in Las Vegas after the end of her engagement to Jason Trawick.

The 31-year old singer is said to be on the brink of signing a USD 100 million deal to perform in the US gambling capital, but friends aren\'t sure that she will be able to cope up after splitting from her fiance and parting ways with TV show \'The X Factor\', reported Contactmusic.

"I\'m not sure just how good an idea Vegas is for Britney right now. If she can\'t handle \'The X Factor\' how will she be able to perform five days a week in Vegas?" a source said.

"She\'s a homebody, she loves her sons and has her daily routine. At this time, she may need to concentrate on her health and happiness and not on rebuilding her career," the source added.

The source also revealed how Trawick guided her through the filming of reality show \'The X Factor\'. "At auditions, Jason would calmly escort Britney by the hand back and forth to her seat during breaks. He was there for her."

Trawick, who was also her manager, has now resigned. He has also resigned as Britney\'s co-conservator, leaving her father as the sole administrator of her finances.