Con Job: Cab driver at IGIA scares siblings into renting hotel room

Shalini Narayan Posted: Jan 24, 2013 at 0155 hrs
New Delhi A taxi driver was arrested on Tuesday for trying to swindle a brother-sister duo who boarded his taxi from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) on December 23.

Police said the siblings — Gurpreet Singh and Kuljit Kaur — had come to IGIA from Punjab on board a bus service, which ferries passengers from Punjab to IGIA, early morning on December 23.

“The two were to take a flight. As there was some time before the flight, they decided to visit their relative in Defence Colony. Kuljit was getting married this year and she had come to India to meet her relatives and do some shopping. Their relative told them to be at the airport till 5.30 am and then to take a pre-paid taxi to Defence Colony,” a police officer said.

According to police, the siblings hailed a black-and-yellow taxi from the airport. “The driver, noticing their bags, decided to swindle them. He told them that they could not be taken to their destination as there was law and order situation in the city, following the gangrape of the 23-year-old paramedic student,” the officer said.

“The driver told the duo that he would check them into a hotel instead. Mid-way, he asked the two if they had valid IDs. He told them that they could not get a hotel room unless they had valid identity proof.”

“Gurpreet was able to produce an ID. But Kuljit didn’t have one on her. The driver then stopped the taxi and told them that no hotel would accommodate them. He told them that he could arrange an accommodation for them at Mahipalpur. Kuljit, who began getting worried by now, called up her fiance in New Zealand and ask him to arrange for her ID proof,” the officer said.

In the meantime, police said the driver dropped them off in a hotel in Mahipalpur and left with the taxi fare, after forcing them to pay the room rent for the hotel.

“By this time, the duo realised that they had been duped and called up their uncle in London and told him that they were in trouble. Later, their phones were found to be switched off. Scared, he alerted relatives in Delhi, who approached us,” the officer said.

After an inquiry, police got the details of the cab driver. But his phone too was found to be switched off. The siblings, meanwhile, managed to get out of the hotel in Mahipalpur and reach South Extension where they contacted their relatives.

Police arrested the driver on Tuesday. The officer said, “This driver was registered in the system, so it was easier to track him down. We checked CCTV footage as well.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (IGIA) J S Deswal said “We have registered a case under section 4(a) of the Touting and Malpractices Act against him.”