Beckham to lure former England teammate Steven Gerrard

ANI Posted: Jan 28, 2013 at 1130 hrs
London David Beckham will try to convince former England teammates, Steven Gerrard of Liverpool, Peter Crouch of Stoke City, Ashley Cole of Chelsea and Michael Carrick of Manchester United to join America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) after he sorts out his own future.

The former England captain, who has offers from around the globe, is not expected to make a decision on his next move until mid-February at the earliest, the Daily Mirror reports.

However, once that is secured and he has settled into his new team, his role as an MLS recruitment officer will see him target his old Three Lions pals Crouch, Cole, Gerrard and Carrick in a bid to convince them to end their careers in the US, the paper said.

They are the four stars who MLS bigwigs want to see plying their trade Stateside and, while Yank bosses know they cannot realistically hope to recruit any of them while they’re still at their peak, there is a hope they would want to finish their footballing days across the Pond, the paper added.

An MLS source said with the wages, lifestyle, and anonymity the world’s top soccer players have playing in the MLS, it makes it an ideal destination for them to finish their careers. The players could expect to earn between three million pounds and four million pounds a year.