13 rebel BJP Yedyurappa loyalists MLAs submit resignations to Karnataka Speaker

PTI Posted: Jan 29, 2013 at 1555 hrs
Bangalore Thirteen rebel BJP MLAs identified with former party strongman B S Yeddyurappa today submitted their resignation letters to Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah.

The MLAs submitted their letters quitting their assembly membership in person to Bopaiah, who had a one-on-one meeting with them to ascertain whether they were doing so on their own.

Even as the consultation process was underway, the Speaker\'s secretariat issued a statement, saying that the resignation of Challakere (ST) constituency MLA Thippeswamy has been accepted.

The fate of the resignation of 12 MLAs is yet to be known.

The petition filed by BJP seeking disqualification of 12 rebel MLAs on the ground of \'anti party\' activities is already before the Speaker and is likely to have a bearing on their resignation letters.

BJP today filed another complaint seeking disqualification of five MLCs who have been supporting Karnataka Janata Party, floated by Yeddyurappa after breaking ranks with the BJP.

BJP seeks disqualification of 5 MLCs

(PTI): A day after seeking disqualification of 12 of its rebel MLAs, the ruling BJP today moved a complaint, urging similar action against five MLCs for

alleged \'anti-party\' activities.

BJP spokesmen Ashwathnarayana and Somanna Bevinamarada, both MLCs, filed a complaint before Legislative Council Secretary V Shreesh, praying for disqualification of five MLCs.

The party wants B J Puttaswamy, Mohan Limbikai, Bharathi Shetty, Mumtaz Ali Khan and Shivaraj Sajjanar disqualified with effect from Dec 9, 2012, the day they participated in a KJP rally at Haveri.

They contended that the MLCs attract provisions of 2(1) A of the 10th schedule of the Constitution by aligning with another political party\'s activities, though elected as BJP members.

Yesterday the BJP had moved a petition for disqualification of 12 MLAs who have identified with B S Yeddyurappa\'s party, Karnataka Janata Party.