Frenzied parents search for lost son as uncle threw him in drain

PTI Posted: Jan 29, 2013 at 2007 hrs
New Delhi The uncle of a two-year-old child has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and throwing him in a drain in east Delhi, in order to take revenge from the child\'s parent over personal enmity, police said today.

\"Mohammad Abid was arrested following a complain by his brother and the child\'s father Mohammed Sartaj at Jagatpuri police station on January 25. He had suspected that Abid had kidnapped his son, Zaid, on January 23,\" a senior police official said.

Sartaj, who lives in Khureji and runs a mobile phone shop in Jagatpuri, in his complaint had said that his mother had taken Zaid to her house at Patpargunj road in Khureji, in the neighbourhood at 5.30 PM.

Later, he got a call from his father if Zaid, along with his uncle Abid had reached his shop or not, as they had left about an hour ago. Though Sartaj and his family tried to find the child but they could not following which they lodged a complain against Abid, police said.

During interrogation, Abid said after kidnapping the boy, he threw him in the Ghazipur drain in front of the Hasanpur bus depot. He said he took this step in order to settle scores with his sister-in-law as he was arrested after her complaint, in which she accused him of assaulting her few days ago.

Police is trying to search the child with the help of rescue teams in the drain.