When Paul Gascoigne bribed driving examiner £25 to pass test

ANI Posted: Jan 30, 2013 at 1225 hrs
London Football legend Paul Gascoigne has revealed bribing a driving examiner to pass his test.

The 45-year-old former England and Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder confessed that he bent the rules to get a full licence while at Newcastle United in 1985, the Sun reports. Gascoigne, whose motors have included an MG sports car and a Ford Transit, said he was 18, playing for Newcastle United and he was sick of getting the bus to and from games, therefore he got in his car to take the test.

Gascoigne added that he went to the examiner and asked him how much do he got paid a week to which he replied 75 pounds. Gazza further revealed that he offered the examiner 25 pounds then they sat in the car for an hour, then he shook his hand and said, \'Congratulations, you’ve passed\'.