At 'Muslim brothers' meet, Kamal Haasan says will cut unsuitable 'Vishwaroopam' parts, but HC axes 'deal'

Express news service Posted: Jan 30, 2013 at 1555 hrs
New Delhi Within hours of blaming a political conspiracy against him for the ban on his controversial film \'Vishwaroopam\', Kamal Haasan, after meeting Muslim representatives said that an amicable solution has been found and that everyone should now move on.

"My Muslim family has reached out to me and asked me whether I can do something to solve their problem. I have promised that I will do anything for my Muslim brothers," Kamal said in a press meet held on the street.

Representatives of Muslim organisations and at least one senior member of the Congress party reportedly attended the meeting where the actor was handed over a list that provides instances, scene-by-scene and word-by-word where problems of interpretation of the Quran have happened that are leading to outrage and hurting religious sentiments.

Kamal has agreed to edit and remove certain portions of the film that contain objectionable material that purportedly bring the Holy Quran into disrepute.

With violence increasing and Kamal being pushed to the corner on his film \'Vishwaroopam\', a mutually acceptable solution with protesting Muslim organisations had become imperative, according to sources.

Kamal underlined the importance of the compromise formula, "This film is not anti-Indian Muslims. This film is pro-Indian Muslims. I have come to an understanding with my Muslim brothers. Now, nothing untoward should come to pass against my Muslim brothers."

Now, Kamal said that he expects a favourable order from the High Court.

However, within minutes of saying that, Kamal received a big setback.

The honourable High Court has not obliged him as it has stalled the screening of 'Vishwaroopam' till further orders in its order today late afternoon - solution may come probably well past next Wednesday - unless Kamal goes to Supreme Court, which according to sources, he has decided to do as soon as possible.

HC had sent him back to single-judge bench to file an affidavit before it.