Wouldn't mind having sex on-screen: James Franco

PTI Posted: Jan 31, 2013 at 0842 hrs
Los Angeles Actor James Franco, whose all recent releases have been sex-driven, says he wouldn\'t hesitate to really have sex in front of the cameras if required.

The actor\'s recent movies were - "Interior Leather Bar", "Kink" and "Lovelace", reported Aceshowbiz.

Asked if he\'d pull a Shia LaBeouf, who claimed he would have sex on screen for Lars von Tier\'s "Nymphomaniac", Franco said, "I\'d say under the right circumstances. There are a lot of circumstances. Who\'s involved? Both behind-the-scenes, behind the camera, in front of the camera."

Franco goes on explaining what drove him in capturing sexuality in his movies like "Kink" or "Interior Leather Bar".

"It\'s hard to put certain kinds of sex in film. Now, I could sort of understand that if it wasn\'t so easy to put other kinds of things in film, like violence. Obviously, there\'s some weird standard here that is just illogical."

Franco will next be seen in another sexy film "Spring Breakers" on March 22.