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The Indian Express Group's flagship publications, The Indian Express and The Financial Express, are now available for download through RSS [ What is RSS? ] news feeds. In addition, Latest News, comprising breaking news updated round the clock, is also available for download.

All these feeds are FREE!


 Expressindia Expressindia Breaking News
Breaking news from The Indian Express Group. Updated as and when news breaks.

 The Indian Express Online Edition The Indian Express
Front page stories from India's boldest newspaper. Updated daily.

 The Financial Express Online Edition The Financial Express
Front page stories from India's premier financial newspaper. Updated daily.

 The Financial Express Latest News The Financial Express
Latest from the world of Business and Economy. Updated daily.

Get the Latest On Cricket from Express Cricket The Express Cricket
Front page stories from The Express Cricket Online. Updated daily.

How to subscribe/read our feeds:

Place your mouse over the image on our pages and click the right mouse button. Then choose Copy Shortcut [ for Internet Explorer ], Copy Link Location [ for Netscape and other Mozilla-based browsers ] or Copy Link Address [ for Opera ]. Open your RSS aggregator [ What is a RSS aggregator? ] and go to "Add RSS feed/channel", paste the URL and press OK. currently provides these three feeds. All contain the headlines, a brief description and links back to the full story available on our websites. News about new feeds and updates will be posted on this page as and when they are made available.

We are glad to launch this service, the first from any Indian news website, and actively encourage you to use our feeds for personal and non-commercial purposes. If you wish to use our feeds for commercial purposes [ such as replicating our headlines on your site ], please get in touch with us here.

We also reserve the right to terminate this service at any time for any reason.

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* Please review each software's individual documentation as well as privacy polices before you decide to download it.

If you experience any problems in downloading our feeds and using them,
please send your feedback to Alternately, you can use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page.


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